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Waiting for it to be an acceptable time to leave and go wait at the bus station. LIAM GETS HERE IN LIKE TWO HOURS.

  • My boyfriend gets here on Saturday
  • I have officially lost an entire stone! (14lbs)
  • I have a week and 2 days left of insanity but I suck and I don’t want to do it anymore
  • but I have to
  • I am taking two online classes this semester and the professors have already e-mailed us and expect assignments due in ASAP
  • Why don’t holidays apply to them?
  • I miss tumblr a little
  • good thing I won’t have a life once Liam leave
  • Viva la tumblr! (and school stuff the rest of the time)





Liam, Jon, and Amy get here in ONE WEEK (and six days :p)

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The Darjeeling Limited - production design by Mark Friedberg

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First beach day of the summer! :D

Someone I used to play dodgeball with in England (a guy) would constantly message me on facebook and talk about how much he wanted to sleep with me, be crude, and attempt to “talk dirty” with no response, reply, and even, “Please stop, I have a boyfriend”, just proposed to his girlfriend and they are now engaged. He messaged me probably 4 days ago. What slimy scum.

losing a lot of followers because all I have been doing the past two months is complain about work… soz…

will be back properly in about a month!

also, I just booked another tattoo appointment, I am very excited :)

I worked dinner for someone on my day off and they said that on their day off I could take dinner off and they would work. She just bailed on doing that, so umm, fantastic.. Come Saturday I will not have had a full day off in 14 days. I had even managed to get it so that I could borrow a friends car during dinner so that I could go get some food from Hannaford since camp food isn’t agreeing with me at the moment. I have no idea the next time I will be able to get to the grocery store.

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Summer weight loss is up to 6lbs!

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